Saturday, January 22, 2011

day 12 ~ Bumble Trees

"Oh, the things you can think, if only you try!"

~ Dr. Seuss

(Of course, Bumble Trees are known for their eclectic taste in tunes 
and their penchant for juxtaposition.  
It probably has something to do with having both wings and roots.)

music ~ The National "Bloodbuzz Ohio"
images ~ misha


  1. My favorite tree thus far! Oh, and having a track from one of the best "unknown" bands around doesn't hurt either. Bravo, with a buzz-grin for the delightful marriage of tree and tune, wings and roots. Maybe this is the kind of tree that seeded our planet. Flying and buzzing on Life, landing whimsically where trees are most needed.

  2. "Maybe this is the kind of tree that seeded our planet." ~ maybe it is! a pre-form thought dropping its seeds wherever need be, some more wing oriented, others more rooted, with the lucky few blessed with both and a good dollop of imagination fertilization.


  3. love this and the direction your project is taking!

  4. Ha! I read this and thought, "Direction? What direction?" The Muse is just leading me around by the hand. Perhaps the two of you are more tuned in than I as to what that might be?

    Guess we'll all find out together.

    Thanks, Amy :)

  5. Is it possible to have too much fun? I think you are having it;)

    By the way, my cat leaped a foot when I clicked to your blog here with my volume all the way up ...ahahah!

  6. I don't know, Paige. My initial response is, "No. It is not possible to have too much fun." but then I am reminded of my children getting ultra rowdy and I have to rethink things. :)

    HA! Your volume was all the way up? Poor cat. Please send my apologies in the form of a good chin scratch.