Wednesday, January 19, 2011

day 9 ~ traveling

Madagascan Traveling Tree

~ going down ~

~ going up ~


back to the middle

music ~ India.Arie "Back to the Middle"
images ~ misha / Krohn Conservatory


  1. That is QUITE a tree! It almost looks handcrafted, though I'm sure if we subscribe to a Creator model for the Universe, then there definitely were hands involved in some form or other. :)

  2. Yeah, I love this tree. After all the shots I took at Krohn today, this one had to be the star. It begs to be touched.

    Whoever planted it where it stands deserves a gold star for foresight. It is located at the entrance to one of the gardens, into which you have to walk down stairs. This tree, however, is right up at the overlook so that I really was standing eye level with the middle of the trunk, which in my humble estimation is the sweet spot.

    I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that hands was one of the topics up for consideration for this 365'ing project o'mine.


  3. Beautiful tree...can't say I've ever seen one quite like it. :)

  4. Thanks, Ladies. It is a gem of a tree, isn't it?

  5. I agree...the middle IS the sweet spot. I want to touch my screen...vivid capture, Mish!

  6. Thanks, Paige.

    The middle is where it's at, just ask anyone eating an Oreo cookie. Or, envision an infinity symbol and envision traveling the loop ~ 8 ~ that center is surely the sweet spot.

    Don't even get me started on eclairs. :)