Tuesday, February 1, 2011

day 22 ~ night snow hush

"Using words to describe magic is like using a screwdriver to cut roast beef."
~ Tom Robbins

beauty ~ Mother Nature
appreciation & pixie dust ~ misha


  1. Really nice, Michelle! I like the painterly quality!

  2. Amy, you are so sweet and supportive. Thank you :)

    This one looks best in a larger format, but I do like how it turned out. It began as a very dark (somewhat funky) photo I snapped on a whim on my phone. Since it was so dark, the auto flash did what auto flashes do and added some interesting hues. Because I couldn't adjust the shutter speed, the falling snow looked like long streamers, very dreamy. It's hard to tell in this, but almost the entire frame is filled with trees.

    Hope your week is treating you well.

  3. *sets down screwdriver, arm-weary and brow dotted with perspiration, not to mention a grumbling stomach... *

    Love it. The Robbins quote is perfectly true, and I can't prove but just might anyway, someday.

    *resumes pot roast chiselling, wiping at eyes, noticing beautiful abstract image below Robbins quote...*

    Coolness! You fling that pixie dust with aplomb and gusto. Another fine post in this tree hugger's paradise of a blog.

    *pushes screwdriver away, picks up still warm pot roast with two hands, and considers the upcoming captcha with relish, not to say relish as the condiment but with anticipatory oomph...*

    'WHESPI' ??

    We, He, Pi, and other permutations that leave me nodding along...

  4. WHESPI, are you sure that's not a cousin to couscous? (I don't know. It just conjures images of some tiny, starchy side dish...or a wafer thin cracker.)

    I love aplomb and gusto almost as much as I love coleslaw and whespi.

    How'd you get so fun, anyway?

  5. WHESPI may be one of those unnecessary organizations that you always hear about; a branch of a compartmentalized subsection of a branch, all of which is very tree-ish in lingo, right?

    World Helium Experience Sustainability Program International

    aaaarrrggghhh - fun? Fun like how? (Joe Pesci voice from Goodfellas) Like I amuse you? Like I'm here to aMUSE you?

    Darn right, friendalina!

  6. Friendalina! It's as if the G & the M have morphed into one being. (Hopefully she'll stumble upon this one day and have herself a giggle.)

    I'd like to hear that impression and I'd like to hear more in regards to what helium experience sustainability is all about, but for now I have some z's to z.

    Thanks for the aMUSEment ~:)

  7. Nice Misha. It looks like dyed fabric to me, but that may be because that's where my head is these days.

  8. Leslie, your fabric choices are gorgeous! If I were you, that's where my head would be too.