Friday, February 4, 2011

day 25 ~ reflect

Sandy, over at, has a beautiful project going on. Not only is her inspired undertaking of releasing 1,000 origami cranes and the story behind it beautiful, it is also fun. That is a combination I find hard to resist.

For my part, I released a crane today at Krohn Conservatory.

For the paper to make the crane, I printed a copy of this photo of mine which was taken during one of my many visits to the conservatory:

In Sandy's project, she is writing one positive word on each crane she releases. I chose for my crane to bear the word 'reflect'.

Because this is a popular spot at Krohn, it took a bit of loitering on my part while waiting for the right moment to secretly slip my crane next to the waterfall.

(Pardon the poor focus, I was in a hurry to get finished before anyone came into the area.)

And, because this is a daily homage to trees ~

Do you see the crane?
Here, I'll help you out...

Big thanks to Sandy for the inspiration (and fun), 
and to all of the other folks releasing their own cranes.


  1. A wonderful initiative and positive energy release! Your crane turned out very well, and I love the surreptitious freeing of it, where it will surely delight the finder(s). Besides all that, these are very nice photographs and you, dear friend, rock the creative. xo8

    captcha is 'pocomp' , and I'm going to tweak that into positive-complimentary

  2. I would be SO happy to find that crane! It's time for me to make one. I love how you always take your work a step further!

  3. Rick, that Captcha is all about popcorn to my eyes, but positive-complimentary works too. :)

    The crane challenge was finding directions that actually made sense. I was stuck on a step and had to go find other instructions. Comparing how the two different people had written out the same step was funny. Person A didn't mention half of the (very crucial) information that Person B included. It helped me feel like not such an origami dunce after all!

    I wish I could see the reactions the crane attracts. If I'm really lucky, someone will report that they found it on Sandy's site and will share some details. Although, part of the magic is in the imagining...

    Happy Friday ~:)

  4. Amy, I would love to stumble upon a crane! After leaving it, I was thinking (hoping)that maybe the person who finds it will be inspired to leave one of their own and that the released crane population will increase here in Cincinnati, thus increasing my chances of finding one.

    Looking forward to seeing yours!

    My work takes me a step further, as yours does you. That's the beauty in it. Thank you for saying so. :)

  5. As soon as I left this one, I wanted to do another one, Heather!

    So fun.


  6. awesome!! love the word you selected! &great release location!

  7. this was so fun, Beth! i'm already itching to release more. a crane at Krohn, what could be more fun? the conservatory offers so many nooks and crannies too. i'm already pondering which words i would use on cranes released in the Desert, Orchid and Bonsai rooms.