Wednesday, February 9, 2011

day 30 ~ one

Thinks to self: I have about one minute to spare for today's post.

*grabs pen and points*

*snaps photo*

*answers ringing phone*


At the end of our phone conversation, my mother-in-law pointed out that there are four days this year that are all 1's and then noted that if you take the year you were born (the last two digits) and add the age you will be this year, your answer will be 111. (Go on. Try it. I'll wait. :)

She didn't elaborate further, or ascribe any esoteric meaning to this, just relayed that she was tickled by it.

I came back to the photo I had just taken and laughed:

When I grabbed that pen and inked up my pointer, I had no specific plans as to what I was going to do with the photo other than use it for today's post. It was all spur of the moment and made me smile for the simple fact that it reminded me of the meaning of life according to the movie "City Slickers".

One thing.

My one thing is: One Love.

What's your one thing?

serendipity ~ the universe
images ~ misha


  1. Unity.

    (not much different from YOUR one thing, actually, if at all)


    Lovely post, again. Numerology is a fascinating delve, and of course timing when resonant to the frequency of ONE (as in "I") is a superb magician with so much more than hats and hares.


    ~ L8ve~

    P.S. I think I have a OuiTree concept that I like. Need time to refine, and then I'll send it along for your consideration and suggestions. It is very simplified-stylized; more a suggestion of tree aura other-dimension than actual Earth tree. I believe the universe is a forest, after all.

    captcha : thsees (cool! "sees")

  2. Hey look! I have ONE comment and it's about unity.

    I wanted to use Trevor Hall's "Unity" for this post, but you know how I feel about combining music with lyrics with prose posts. Made me smile that that was your opening word.

    One L8ve. Unity.

    same same


    Very excited about the OuiTree concept! The universe is a forest ~ beautiful thought there...wonder how that could be depicted visually, all those hats and hares...

    LOVE the captcha, and your energy and support ~ love that, too.

    Thank you, Rick :)

  3. Somebody told me something about seeing the number 11:11 or other sequential or patterned numbers on a digital clock, cell phone, stove clock, etc. I don't remember the exact significance of this event (one of hundreds of details that float freely out of my mind), but I do happen to glance at the clock at 11:11 so often -- sometimes twice in a day.

    Unity. LIke that.

  4. Leslie, your comment tickled me because it came bearing its own synchronicity: right after posting today's blog (tree of life, featuring the song "Unity" ~ the same one I mentioned in my above reply to Rick), your comment arrived.

    I love it when that happens.