Friday, February 11, 2011

day 32 ~ bubble up

"Dig within. 
Within is 
the wellspring of Good; and 
it is always 
ready to bubble up, 

if you just dig."

~ Marcus Aurelius

music ~ Sounds of Nature: Native American Flute, Incan Pan Pipes
image ~ misha


  1. love how otherworldly this feels.
    through a glass darkly....

  2. g'morning, grow. yes, through the darkness to the light. :)

  3. Wonderful. Exposed Roots through eternity's river. The quote and music are ideally matched, as always.

  4. "Exposed Roots through eternity's river." ~ one big twig? :)

    I'm diggin' this one. Exposed Roots heard that I was doing a bubble tree and begged to get in on the action. Who am I to say no? I love that tree and am happy to celebrate it wherever I can.

    Hope your weekend is a good one, Rick.

  5. is right. Almost eerily wow, huh? My bubble up came about out of trying to blow bubbles with the bubble gun with one hand, then quickly throw the gun to the ground, in order to focus and catch the bubble in air....I had to blow bubbles up, up, up.... in order to catch them :) U love your bubble ♥

  6. IIIIII love your bubble, that is ♥

  7. Funny wow!

    I'm having fun envisioning you blowing those bubbles up, throwing down the gun and snapping shots.

    I love my bubble, too. :)