Tuesday, February 15, 2011

day 36 ~ tree of life

"Well, I don't wanna count the leaves of the mango tree. 
I just wanna taste its sweetness..."

~ Trevor Hall, "Unity"

music ~ Trevor Hall "Unity"
image n' wire tree ~ misha's sore fingers and smiling face


  1. W.o.W.

    Rare are the days when my tongue goes *poof* and speech simply melts into eight billion dancing vowels and fiddle playing syllables... THIS is one beauty of a creation. Know what else? So are you!


  2. Rick, I need a minute before attempting to reply because I am having too much fun imagining just what that *poof* and consequent dance scene might look like!

    I like this piece, but I love the tree live and in person even more. I think it is waiting for an excursion outdoors before it will allow its mojo to fully shine via a mere photograph.

    Happy day, generous and clever one.


  3. Ever see vowels line-dancing? Well, you just may from now on.

    I see this magical little tree self-perpetuating in perpetuity, dropping shiny gem-seedlets to take root all around, and then ultimately a forest of shimmering mojo wow.

    This is me on COFFEE. Good thing I don't do drugs!

  4. The laughter you just inspired resulted in a near-snort incident, one of those snuffle-snorts. Nice.

    Yes, it's a very good thing you don't do drugs! Me too, for that matter! Kinda scary just to imagine it. People aren't sure what to make of me as it is!

    So, if laughter was part of your *poof* ~ laugh and ter would be on fiddles, with a, u and e dancing. Multitasking vowels, I knew it!

  5. You could sell these, Misha! Oooh and Easter is coming;)

  6. The first two were experimental and are living on my living room mantel. This one is a birthday gift (sshhhh:), but I may end up taking future ones down to the artist co-op where some of my prints are being sold, or they may end up on Etsy when Rick and I get OuiTree up and running, that is IF I can part with them. (It's easy to become attached.)

    I'm really looking forward to warmer weather when I can take them out for photo sessions. Maybe I'll just keep a stash in my car. Before you know it they'll be calling me the crazy tree lady, the idea of which oddly enough makes me smile.

    Thanks for the support!

  7. Thank you, Tara. I had so much fun with this.