Thursday, March 3, 2011

day 52 ~ Wishery

~ wishery ~


About this post:

Sometime within the past month or so, one of my close friends coined the word "wishery". I was immediately taken with inspiration to represent the magic this word sang directly to my heart. After looking through some of my macro images, I asked him (Rick Tyrrell, my phenomenally talented friend and creative partner) whether or not he had a good dandelion gone to seed image that I could use. He didn't have one and suggested that perhaps, for the time being, we set "wishery" aside for a future collaboration.

Yesterday, I was going through my ridiculous mountain of images looking for something for today's post. (Thursdays are my fuller than full days, meaning a little planning makes life easier.) When what to my delighted eyes should appear, but a lovely dandelion in high def detail! Very much excited, I began creating the tree.

Then, on a whim (or would it be a limb? *groan*) I called Rick and asked him whether or not he would like to write anything for a dandelion tree post I just put together. If he was interested, it could be our wishery collaboration and if not, then it would morph into something else. 

He, feeling under the weather but generous of spirit, wrote the preceding, wonderfilled wishery tale without knowing anything more about the image other than that it included a dandelion macro shot and something tree'ish.

What a magical meld.

Thank you, Rick.

And thanks to all of you for supporting this project!


music ~ pan flutes, but only if you listen very carefully
wishery word weave ~ Rick Tyrrell
wishery visuals ~ misha
wishes ~ you 


  1. I think you two are greater than Sonny and Cher ;)

    Beautiful collab! I was one born to sense this wishery, I believe ♥

    Oh my...what must we do to make spell check realize wishery is indeed spelled correctly?

  2. Make a wish, Paige.

    And then, laugh.

    I believe you were born to sense this wishery, too.


  3. Dandelions -- love it! A great big wishing tree. Beautiful imagery, as per usual!

  4. Hey. Wow. Cool. Wow again. What a sweet tree creation that is you came up with!! You are super generous with your praise, and the offer to contribute some wishery weavery is making me smile upon viewing the result. I like that storybook font, too.

    Thanks for the creative journey that we get to share so often.

    Paige; thanks for cracking me up!

  5. Rick, I'm loving the magical meld and always enjoy working with you. I don't know too many folks who will so readily join in some creative play with very little notice. That you do it with such heart and open mindedness makes it all the more enjoyable.

    Just thinking about how willing you were to partake in the fun has me pondering how far I could push the ridiculous envelope: Hello Rick? I have a lion's head here and some twigs, duct tape and a piece of orange felt. Do you think you could write some music for me to use with it?