Wednesday, March 9, 2011

day 58 ~ poetree

in an empty parking lot at dawn

musing upon humanity:

so much more than
mere mortals, we
always now
seeing with clarity

wonder comes

leafing through the latest copy of
Found magazine, would we be
surprised to find
this infinite mirroring
so humbly page living
with grocery lists and hopeful letters
to Santa?

we are this

one freshly discovered note fairly singing
in an empty parking lot
at dawn
penned in invisible ink

divinely reflecting the rippling
satiated light of the
sacrificial tree, now paper
with fathomless roots
reaching into the well
pleased with being

a bit crumpled
around the edges
a smear
here and there
a love note
written to Creation
on the last day of summer
twilight seeping
between leaves
before the fall
disguised as a dream written in

a foreign language gorgeously thick
upon the tongue, a song
the unspeakable sung

of infinite innocence
generously sprinkled with
familiar dirt

image n' words ~ misha


  1. A beautiful post, with word wedded to image and treemendous vibes.