Friday, March 11, 2011

day 60 ~ prayer

This morning, I sit in prayer for the people of Japan, everyone in the Hawaiian islands, and everyone along the western coast of North America.

I have family in these places, and as I think of them I cannot help but remember once again that we are all family, each and every One.

Prayer tree features an image of my friend, Kyle, 
which was originally part of my luminary series a few years ago.

image ~ misha


  1. Ditto. So sad and scary when any of our "family" is in trouble, especially something we have no control of. Have you heard from any of your family in those areas this morning?

  2. A timely and very poignant post, Misha. Each life is a precious gift, and we live in moments ever more precious because this earth is so dynamic and unpredictable. I hope your family members will be okay, and mine on the Pacific coast, and every person and animal potentially affected.

  3. Such true and sweet words, Misha. I, too, am sending positive and good energy to all the people affected by the earthquake and Tsunami.

  4. They are all in my thoughts, Kyle, too.

  5. Thinking of you and your family...and hoping you are feeling better. It's been a tough year, and it just seems so full of despair right now. Healing thoughts...

  6. How is this one made? Almost looks like stitching?

  7. You all beautiful hearts, you know that, right?


    Heidi, the trunk was stitched and then there was some smudging for the painterly effect. The rest was cloned. The grass and tree top being the same photo of Kyle, only larger and tinted green, and the ocean being the Atlantic.