Friday, April 8, 2011

day 88 ~ the path

"But in the end all religions tend to point to the same light. 
In between the light and us, 
there are too many rules. 

The light is here 
and there are no rules to follow this light."

~Paulo Coelho

This week's path has been a steep one. 
Today's will be especially long, 
though it will end with the delight of making 
a wire-baby tree with the students at our school's Art Night.

Happy Friday, everyone <3

image ~ misha


  1. Another lovely post, and under duress from the steep path, too. The wire-baby tree with the students sounds just right for getting you into a weekend. xo8

  2. What a path that is! Gorgeous!

  3. It's like the path leading into a magic garden!

  4. I love pictures where paths go off into the distance...