Tuesday, May 3, 2011

day 113 ~ counting crows


"Well, I dreamt I saw you walking
up a hillside in the snow
casting shadows on a winter sky 
as you stood there counting crows

One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for girls and four for boys

Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret never to be told

There's a bird that nests inside you
sleeping underneath your skin

yeah, when you open up your wings to speak
I wish you'd let me in."

"When I think of heaven
deliver me in black winged bird

I think of flying
down into a sea of pens and feathers

and all other instruments of faith and sex and god
in the belly of a black winged bird"


Crow Magnet Man:
paper mache, magnetic paint, sealant, 88 handmade Scrabble tile and flattened bottle cap magnets

Crow Magnet Man is my contribution to the first international Skull Appreciation Day Invitational Exhibition. The show is running from June 5th to July 8th at Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA. 

Approximately, 100 artists are participating to raise funds for the Richmond Peace Education Center. Each has received a paper mache skull onto which they will weave their magic.   

Quoted lyrics are from Counting Crows, "Rain King" and "A Murder of One" both of which are on "August and Everything After".

Thanks to Madonna, Phil and Noah for inviting me to participate in this project. 

If you are working on a skull for this exhibition, please feel free to share a link to yours.


  1. So nice to finally see this creation! Wonderful in every way, and you just can't beat that name. All the best to you and the others participating, for a wildly successful event.

  2. Thanks, Rick. I had a blast with this project. It will be hard to move him from the center of my dining room table and ship him off. My son is especially disappointed. It's a good cause, though, so we'll suck it up and be strong.


  3. Gorgeous!!!

    PS. I adore this song (actually the whole album).

  4. This is wonderful! How clever, Misha!

    Love crows.

  5. This is awesome! I love all the little crows! Then to see they are attached to a skull is even better. Great Job!

  6. Me too, Heather. Me, too!

    Thanks, ladies. Here's hoping he earns big bucks for a worthy cause.

  7. A skull kind of day indeed! Love the Crow Magnet Man! (Love puns in general.)

  8. Me too, Heidi.

    I'm still laughing over the skulls AND butterflies. Well, laughing on the inside. It's still a little early yet for the other kind.

  9. This is incredible Misha! I can't wait to see it in person!

  10. Angie, I'm not sure I'll be able to make it to the show. Take your photo with him and email me! I would love to update this post with photos from the event. :)