Friday, June 17, 2011

day 158 ~ five strings


Back when my laptop had properly functioning audio, one of my favorite ways to post a blog was with music to accompany the visuals. Primarily, I would post the tune I listened to while creating the piece. The layering allowed me to bring the viewer just a wee bit further into my vision.

This morning, as I set out to create today's tree, I looked through my iPod playlists and opted for "Top 25 Most Played". The song topping my list immediately transported me to this pondering:

If we suddenly found ourselves in an alternative universe, one in which our surroundings were predominately sound waves and not light waves, and you could choose one song to "live within", which would it be?

My list is long and I might have to beg this new universe for a rotation, but topping the list would be the song which inspired this piece entitled, 'five strings'.

and like so much of my work created over the past 5 years, it was created while listening to Mazzy Star's, "Five String Serenade". This song will most likely inspire me to finally learn how to play guitar, or at least get my musically talented son to learn how to play it so that I can sing along.

Which song tops your list?

images and fanciful imaginings ~ misha


  1. This is a beautiful piece of blogging, in particular the first visual. Normally I would pounce all over this subject matter like a starving [insert whatever comes to mind] but I am still not myself and can't even begin to pick a song from the can't-even-begin-list of maybe a hundred that I can't-even-begin to whittle down to. I like the song YOU picked, though. :-)

  2. Thanks, Rick.

    Sorry to hear that you still aren't yourself. Hope you are able to begin to begin to begin as soon as you are able to begin.