Friday, July 1, 2011

day 172 ~ the lighthouse

"Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse 
while all the others were making ships."  

~Charles Simic 

 it seems to me to be
a truth that light is
our own lifeblood

reflections ~ misha


  1. Charles knew that every ship must eventually come to shore. Adrift, or on a journey, or an explorer's mission, no matter. Returning home is a sailor's need, too. This is a wonderful visual piece. I am particularly fond of these rich greens and blues entwined and dancing together up the tree trunk.

  2. Nice work, Misha. You are nearing the half-way mark! I love the quote by Charles Simic and the way Rick articulated the message.

  3. Rick, ah yes.

    I am in complete agreement with Leslie in regards to your articulation, and those greens and blues...still yes, again. They've come to represent balance to me, balance while reaching for the highest heights and deepest depths, all while maintaining center, as in the in between sky and terra firma...

    I've noticed lately that I have been swinging between the two. Last week witnessed some mostly green posts from me, and at other times I lean towards blue. Mostly though, I'd like to think, I'm striking a balance similar to what they represent to me:

    sacred dancing.

  4. Thank you, Leslie. As I've already mentioned in my response to Rick, I'm in complete agreement with you!