Sunday, July 31, 2011

day 202 ~ The Legend of The Five Trees


Once upon a time, long before the invention of time, in the now of this now (and that), there was loving, mischievous being with a pencil.

Bestowed with the ability to create without limit and an imagination to match, the impish artist began to doodle.

With the first strokes creating what we now know to be a tree, our fair doodler was struck with the need to create more! After creating the 5th tree, a curious thing happened...

[This is a community tale, an ever evolving legend in the making. Add to the story in the comments. You can add one word or a thousand. Just be sure to pick up where the previous tale teller has left off, but most importantly: have fun!]

invitation ~ misha


  1. The doodler became flushed with a visceral need to climb a tree. To feel the bark of its lower branches in hand, pulling up from the ground to pick a perfect seat within the wind tickled foliage above. Even as that need was sparkling within the doodler's mind, a visual of a swinging tire burst forth and inadvertently the wheel was invented.

  2. So the doodler's imagination continued to swing, the thrill of the tree's height and newborn discovery tickled his insides. Feeling the wind in his face, pride in his heart, he imagined nothing better- until he smelled fresh peaches.

  3. Given the leaping flame of his imagination, it was as easy as pi that his spiraling, inspired thoughts conceived numbers. At which point, he immediately counted the trees. One, two, three, four, five...

    then *POOF*


  4. ... recipe for peach cobbler exploded behind his eyelids, and the doodler began to furiously scribble the ingredients and methods, as though channeling the information, upon the bark of a lower tree limb with a lovely iridescent amber colored pencil crayon that had somehow magically produced itself from the tree and popped between his fingers! A question then formed in his mind :