Wednesday, September 21, 2011

day 254 ~ A New Tree Species Discovered: The Linger


Some things beg to be touched with lingering tips...

Rose petals give me pause, as does
a thick lip on a coffee mug, 
toddlers' cheeks, 
tree bark (of course), 
the bridges of my kittens' noses, 
polished stones,
pregnant bellies,
and the list goes on...

Then there's the list of things I wish I could savor through subtle touch:

to trace a tip around a soap bubble's slick circumference
to run my fingers through laughter
to cup love filled hands and to feel the swell as it spills 

Where do your tips linger, or wish they could?

tip trip ~ misha


  1. A wonderful tactile image and piece of thinking-writing that transcends such terms as texture, sensuality, passion, curiosity, and more. I too am a hands oriented touch seeking soul, and the list would be long, oh so long... the wing tip splay of a Peregrine Falcon, but just along the ridges... a rounded eroded vintage bottle fragment from a November shoreline walk... the soft pads of kitten paws... the back of my acoustic guitar's neck, near the headstock... the broad cool underside of a wide red Autumn maple leaf, still rain slick... hundreds and hundreds of things, really, and the feel of my green fleece when I wear it as the months turn cold, pulling it over my head and having my fingers on the collar which somehow evokes a similar emotion that occurs when it's winter and I pass a home and smell and hear the dryer running through its vent... my tips wish to linger inside the holding and being held of a world that is loving and at peace. Great post!

  2. This is such a wonderful, take-you-there kinda comment. It is easily my favorite part of the post.

    I have such appreciation for you and how you not only receive what I share, but how you generously share of yourself in return. If that's not what it's all about, then perhaps it's time to Hokey Pokey?

    Thanks, Rick!

    *big hug*