Saturday, October 8, 2011

day 271 ~ Hip to be Square Baby

Preparations for tomorrow's show at Art Off The Pike continue. The weather promises to be gorgeous and all the final details are coming together. Five Wire Baby Trees will be making their live and in person debut. Here's the last one:

I'm very excited to now have these and the Trees Please pendants added to the mix, a direct result of this challenging 365 project!

Happy Saturday
and remember
it's hip to be square

lifelong fan of Sesame Street ~ misha


  1. A fun post! Another sweet wire baby. Hopefully lots more trees actually planted via sales of your wonderful work. I'm excited for you and Sunday, and hope you rock it out loud like I know you will!

  2. Yes, I am hoping to plant lots more trees tomorrow, either through sales of my work or by turning people on to the Plant A Billion campaign.

    (pfhew! I'm spent, and I'm still not completely ready yet.)

    Good luck with your own huge day tomorrow. I will be thinking of you and sending all good juju your way.

    *big hug*