Wednesday, November 9, 2011

day 303 ~ birds of a feather


For years I have been searching on-line for Saul Williams' performance of "Untimely Meditations" as he channeled it during the making of the documentary, "SlamNation". It's not out there. Still.

Because I went looking again today, and again came up empty handed, I'm sharing "Ohm", instead.

There seemed to be so much that I wanted to say in this post, but I couldn't find the words. It was to be about life and all its challenges, and its gifts. Instead, it turned out to be about those who Know, those who see life in all its dualistic glory, its horrors and its blessings and those seeing few who choose to still walk in hopeful light, daring to dream of flight.

determined to embrace it awe ~ misha

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  1. This post is beautiful. Love that time stamp, too!