Monday, December 19, 2011

day 343 ~ i ink


i dream
of slippin’ outta this skin into the when
of no limits
inhibited love a mere myth
where width, breadth and distance disappear
fear evaporates
greatness whole souls unified, dignified
by truth

i dream of zippin’ around creatin’ whole universes
expanded convergence with the blink
of a thought
where fraught with laughter stars stream from my skies

i dream of wrappin’ myself up and into the universal you
and true
where all at once and for once and for all
we birth a now
for always

i dream of dancing eternal to the rhythm born
in the beat of breathlessness
where we reason in rhyme and breathe in

i dream of enraptured joy and peace so complete being discreet
is obsolete
where the is is a cause for celebration
and the was, never was
a cause for separation

i dream of unified love
the one-up-above’s God given reality
where one dream really does come true
gratefully , all that needs be to fill this dream cup
is to wake ourselves up

Rise ‘n shine, baby!
Rise ‘n shine

 dream ink ~ misha


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