Saturday, December 31, 2011

day 355 ~ new leaves


Here's to our fresh starts, our promising tomorrows, our collective turning into...

our joys,
our sorrows, our triumphs, defeats
our bitterness, our sour, our treasured most sweets

Here's to our finally getting it, to our I can't believe I did it agains
to our tears for the pain, to our laughter with friends

To our daily grind, our there's never enough times
our hellos, our goodbyes
our answers and our I'll never know whys

Here's to our labor, to our blood, sweat
(and still more tears)
our heroes, our saints
our celebrated, anticipated, prophetic new year

Here's to our humor, to our lightness of being
to our blindness, our hindsightedness, our attempts
at true seeing

To our parents, our children
to the love in our lives, to our fears weighing heavily
to the black of the night, to our stars lit with promise
to each day's new light

Here's to our kindness, our giving with no reason
to our selfishness, our small mindedness
our quiet self treasons

To the mythical, to the legends, our journey
to it all, to our differences, our similarities
to our dialects, y'all

Here's to our reaching, to our bark, and our branches
here's to our roots, and our clumsiest dances
here's to our bridges, to our falling on knees
here's to our hope,

to our faith,

to our bright shiny new leaves

Happy New Year!

spur of the moment words n' such ~ misha


  1. A beautiful piece for this day and the journey ahead, applicable to every number of every new year. From the epicentre of my heart, I wish you and your loved ones a happy-healthy-successful (in all definitions) 2012. :-)

  2. FANTASTIC!!! Beautifully put, Misha,in every way!

  3. Just beautiful! Love the y'all. (I was born in Texas.) <3


  4. hi

    i'm back.

    i just had to say that the outpouring i've received via email over this has me all smiles and gratitude.

    thank YOU for making this world a brighter place.

    what a lovely way to begin this new year <3