Tuesday, January 3, 2012

day 358 ~ vase side

"don't become attached to the beauty of this vase
it is merely the holder of The Rose"

~ Rumi

This is part of one side of a ceramic vase I painted years and years and years ago (1989, I think). As I was cleaning my bedroom today, I paused and remembered those days so long ago...a friend had explained dry brush painting to me and I used my Christmas break from my corporate job to spend 27 hours (yes, I counted. I was corporate then, of course I counted) loving up this process and this piece. While it took me a long while to fully assimilate my need to wax creative with my daily must do's, this project has always stuck with me for how brightly it lit me up inside. During the intervening years, I held it dear. And, it held me.

However, I snapped a hasty cell phone pic today and felt the need to digitally art it up a bit. When The Muse says 'keep going', I go.

How 'bout you?

ever space for flowers ~ misha

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  1. COOL...my mom LOVES Rumi! Kindred spirits indeed. And as you always say, Misha, "when the muse comes knockin' "...thanks to Rick's influencial multiple musical talents.