Sunday, November 1, 2015

How tsu doin'?

Have you heard of this new social network? I just learned about it last weekend when a friend of mine shared an article about it that just ran on Huffington Post. After reading that the site has only been public for one year, already has over 4 million users, and is being seen by Facebook as a competitor to be taken seriously (to the extent that they have been deleting posts containing the word “tsu”), I was intrigued to learn more.

Perhaps the most interesting bit of all is that tsu has a completely different approach to how they do business by allowing their users maintain ownership of the original content they post and they pay their users for this content and for bringing new users to the platform. Pretty radically different, yes?

I’ve been on the site for a week and have already over 2,000 views of my work. (What I really need to do now is get a website up and running to sell my prints!) It is such a pleasure to have a new platform for sharing. I don’t know if you were on MySpace during its heyday, but nothing since has compared when it comes to what I and my artist friends had there together. I miss it.

The next best artist group experience I’ve had was here with all of you 365’ers. I miss you too!

So far, I like what I’ve seen on tsu. Sure the site is still working out some kinks, but it is early days and it looks like it may just be the next big thing. It may turn out to be quite a show to watch it grow from the inside.

If you do decide to check it out, you will need an invitation, also known as a shortcode. You can use this one. ( Once you get set up, be sure to check out the groups. Groups are still BETA, but the fun part is that the field is still pretty wide open and you can create your own. I’ve been enjoying the photography, wildlife, and art groups. I also have a couple of ideas for groups I might create…

Already on tsu? Please leave a comment with your user name so that I can find you there.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you are well and happy.



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