Thursday, January 20, 2011

day 10 ~ into

"All things must come to the soul from its roots,
from where it is planted."

~ Saint Teresa of Avila

"God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying, 'Ah!'"

~ Joseph Campbell

music ~ Native American Flute ~ Incan Pan Pipes, Sounds of Nature 
           Native American ~ Amazing Grace

images ~ misha / Krohn Conservatory 


  1. *texture junkie alert *

    [insert gibberish and tree wanna touch sounds, whatever they are]

    *pan flute zone-out alert*

    "Gaaaaahhhhh" .... "sweet!"

  2. The bottom picture looks like long, skinny fingers reaching up the trunk of that tree. I love this project! Trees rock!

  3. I have quite the fascination for roots....and Amazing Grace ♥ I'm feeling some blending over into the peace zone here ♥

  4. AC, look what you did ~> :D

    (That's a big cheesecake gigglish grin. I love those.)

  5. They do, Wendy. The first thing I saw in that last pic is an elephant's face: one eye and the trunk...

    and now, thanks to you, I can see long, skinny fingers reaching.

    Thanks for sharing these with me.

  6. Paige, so do I, on both counts.

    Any day I can inspire the peace zone is a good day!


  7. Gorgeous perspectives! Roots alone could be their own project!

  8. ooooh i like the roots project idea. groundedness. rootedness. like like like.

  9. I adore roots and all they represent! What a touching post, Misha <3

  10. What a fantastic idea, Amy. When I was at Krohn Conservatory, in the desert room taking photos of cacti, I realized the I would have also loved doing the project on mandalas...which then led me to think of fractals. Ah, the possibilities are endless!

    Grow, yes ~ grounded reaching, drinking nourishment, attachments... ~:)

    Thanks, Heather. I do, too. So glad you enjoyed the post.

    Happy day, everyone.