Wednesday, January 26, 2011

day 16 ~ in store

"All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of yesterday."

~ Proverb

music ~ Soundtrack "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons"
image ~ misha


  1. I love this creation, I love the image!

  2. When I did the quilling the other day, I purposefully didn't attach them to the paper. My plan was to build a 3D version, though a little more planning would have helped. I couldn't manage the trunk in the amount of time I had, given the way I plowed into it headlong, but the top is from the other project.

    I may have to revisit this idea...


  3. I love the music you include each day...this is especially lovely. As is today's tree!

  4. Thanks, Wendy. Sure hope your headache is gone.

    Welcome, Stace. :)

    *many thanks all around*

  5. Not only is your tree very pretty, but the photo itself is so nice with that sepia and the border you've applied. (not to worry, I am not going all Aminus3 upside your tree) The music fits like a velvet glove.

    "dughis" = today's security word (add a 't' and it could say "dug this")

    (which I did, and do)

  6. ha! Going all Aminus3 ~ I do believe you've just created yet another catch phrase for our volleying pleasure. And hey, you even rhymed it. Once again, you've set the bar high, my friend.

    The music, yes. It's hard to go wrong on that score.

    Your riffing on the Captcha makes me smile, as does your generosity.

    Thanks, Rick. :)

  7. This tree is magical! And the music is perfect.

  8. Thanks, Leslie. My children have this tree in their room. I stopped to look at it last night. It is magically whimsy-packed.

    Glad you enjoyed it! :)