Monday, January 31, 2011

day 21 ~ plan be

Once upon a time...

(That's it. That's the story. 
All the rest is fill in the blank, 
sort of like those you choose what happens next books. 
Seems to me that the key is to enjoy.
So, if you are feeling creative, 
you are welcome to share some of your tale in the comment section.)

plan be smaller

Serendipity's Little Sister

music ~ Enya "Fairytale"
image ~misha


  1. Once upon a time, a timekeeper for hire decided to release all of the time he had been keeping, but not the funds paid unto him for services rendered. This decision was made rather impulsively one stormy winter's evening, as he masticated chicken kiev in front of the television, cross legged atop his glass coffee table which buckled precariously beneath him as he chewed seriously, considering whether or not to keep watching himself in the darkened flat screen's reflection or to actually pay his cable provider the overdue balance... you see, this timekeeper had been secretly giving all of his monies to a dear friend who was in need of wire from which she would craft gorgeous little trees. Magical, they were, with tendrils and curls, attitude and altitude. With these monies well given, and given his inherent loathing for money in general, it was time itself that pleased this altruistic chicken kiev chewing buddha wanna be. Time was once upon a. Time was money. Time was emit, backwards. This stormy night decision sat so well within him, chew chew chew grunt grunt belch smile. He would continue to fund the wire tree magic ways of his friend, and would also begin to dole out some of the time he had been keeping, so she and others with creative hearts and fingers could actually "afford" to keep on keeping on! Alas, as some stories that begin with zing and zip sometimes dip into less-happy ending territories, so it was with this tale's poultry chewin' protagonist as he made the mistake of reaching to remove the batteries from his television remote, just as an enthusiastically over-bitten chunk of chicken breast meat became parked in a one-way towing zone... and he gagged on the instant knowledge that his time was up.

    This silly story, complete with two AA batteries as 'The McGuffin', was brought to you by the captcha ALNERMO.

  2. Remember the ALNERMO!

    And, I surely will.

    Color me well amused with zip, zing, and even with dip. Paint me into a corner and leave me there with nothing to aid my escape but belly laughter breath. Taunt me with tales begging for a more creative response and watch as I wave a white flag and point goofily at time in a mirror.

    You, my clever friend, are an inspiring delight! You and your McGuffin.


  3. Dear Me-sha; please also pardon me for blogging in your blog. If I ever do it again, banish me to a life of ocean trench exploration with Captain Nermo aboard the Nautylist. (groan!) :)

  4. Amy, that is the most concise, wonderful and jam packed story ever! :)

  5. Dear AC ~ what is there to pardon? Any time you go off on a creative riff, I'm all the happier for it. The fact that you chose to accept my invitation to play and did so with such silly panache gave me big reason to grin.

    I hereby grant you this funkey. With it, you are entitled to riff in any and all of my blogs to your heart's content. It's sort of like a key to a city, only it's invisible and much more useful, (if you're into silly, that is.)

    No life of ocean trench exploration for you!