Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 3 ~ the lime tree

"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come."
~ Chinese Proverb

music ~ Trevor Hall "The Lime Tree"
image ~ misha


  1. Very nice, linguistically and visually. (and here I am writing about a big scary thunderbird...)

  2. This is my best smelling project by far! After my post production play, it's nearly impossible to tell that I actually carved a lime, but I did. The process was sweeter than the photographic evidence. I highly recommend carving citrus, if you wear glasses, that is.

    Besides, I've been listening to this Trevor Hall CD a lot lately and I love this song.

    Looking forward to reading all about your big, scary thunderbird...I think. ;)(did you know that chickens can wink?)

    Me either.

  3. Bravo! I don't think I've ever been so inspired by a person, Misha. I am in love with this. The song, the words, and, photograph are moving me ♥

  4. What an amazing thing to say, Paige. I'm honored.

    and grateful <3

  5. Your trees are lovely and thoughtful. I am very excited about your project, and I am looking forward to the trees to come.

  6. this is the second- maybe third? fruit awesomeness in a #365 i've seen. i was experimenting at dinner but it was nowhere near this intricate. bravo!
    peace, grow.

  7. PrixMadonna, my trees are gathering together in a huddled whisper trying to figure out how they want to collaborate with your "starter home". The consensus is that it is a fantastic idea delivered flawlessly. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the resulting creations.

    Thanks for being here. :)

  8. grow ~ I haven't yet had the pleasure of reading Noah's book. His blog and all of the 365'ers I found there inspired me to jump right in. I'm saving his book up for the day the well appears to have run dry and I need to dig a little deeper.

    As I mentioned to Rick, the original carving didn't look quite finished to me, so I introduced the lime to the magic of a digital makeover.

    I'm glad you stopped by.

    Here's to the journey!

  9. yay digital makeovers! they are part of the art too! :)

  10. Absolutely. Couldn't agree more with you there, grow.