Sunday, February 20, 2011

day 41 ~ vision

"And while I stood there
I saw more than I can tell,
and I understood more than I saw;
for I was seeing in a sacred manner
the shapes of things in the spirit,
and the shape of all shapes as they must
live together like one being."

~ Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks

music ~  Sacred Spirit, "Ta-Was-Ne" (Elevation)
carved tree trunk photo ~ Rick Tyrrell (thank you, Rick :)
consequent images (and peacock feathers) ~ misha


  1. I love the peacock feathers and how the trunk of the tree (to me) looks like a totem pole. :D

  2. Um...nevermind, I think the totem pole thing was what you were going for! LOL...I should read before I post! Anyway, I love it!

  3. I have a thing for peacock feathers, needless to say I love this! :)

  4. Fabulousity! I love that you created a tree trunk from the original image (and you are very welcome : it's fun to contribute to your project) and created peacock feather foliage. The explorations into different ways to "see", as the post evolves, is spot-on with that amazing Black Elk quote. (a very wise and earth-connected mind, that one) Beautiful music, too.

  5. Amy beat me to my comment of "WOW!" I'm going to have to show that one to my daughter who LOVES peacock feathers. I also love that you take your image and do more with it, rearrange it and make changes and post all of those variables.

    (Off to do my blog...)

  6. Thanks, everyone.

    I have a plethora of peacock photos and am sure I will be revisiting this particular species. I especially love how the ends of the feathers made such wonderful tufts of grass.

    Hope you all enjoy a magical week.