Wednesday, March 2, 2011

day 51 ~ pines & prayers

"Do not dwell in the past,
do not dream of the future,
concentrate the mind on the 
present moment."

~ Buddha

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, 
deserve your love and affection." 

~ Buddha

photo ~ misha


  1. Lovely, with an emphasis on the love component of that word. I adore the photo; such an effective use of profile and foreground. The quotes are quite apropos. I was immediately struck by a word similarity :


    "I gave myself a birthday present by dwelling in the present"

    Love works best when it begins within the sender.

  2. This makes me really want spring <3

  3. How wonderful! I just ordered a praying mantis tent for my grandson. He'll start with a single egg case, and watch as 75-200 hatch from it eventually.

  4. Rick, that word similarity strikes me every time. :)

    Me too, Heather! I'm aching for it.

    Leslie, where did you order the praying mantis tent? My children and I would have all kinds of fun with that!

    Thanks everyone. Happy day ~:)