Saturday, March 5, 2011

day 54 ~ the tree huggers


Hmmm...what do I feel like doing on this fine, rainy Friday morning?

How about a
*S  T  R  E  T  C  H*

with comedic factor thrown in 
just to see if that lady with the camera is paying attention.

Mmmm...this tree looks like it could use some love.

C'mere you!

Ah, that really hits the spot.

Yawn, check.
Stretch, check.
Love up the tree, check.
Now what?

My fellow tree lover looks like she could use a little love, too.

There, isn't that nice?


images ~ misha
charm, beauty and tree hugging ~ the white lionesses residing at the Cincinnati Zoo


  1. AMAZING!!!!

    Cats, big and small are the animals I feel most connected to. These pictures are gorgeous <3

  2. I feel most connected with them, too, Heather. This was a special treat. With the exception of about 5 minutes, I was the only one hanging out with these beauties. I was talking with them, loving them up, and was rewarded with multiple happy cat looks ~ direct eye contact, then closed eyes and that contented look.

    Glad you enjoyed them, too!


  3. Much MUCH sweeter than Komodo dragon energy, hmm? A wonderful sequence of visuals with adept *thoughts* added via Misha, and very nifty how the tree was incorporated. Just like gigantic house cats, aren't they? Can you imagine the litter box you'd need?

    (just had to go there, hey Rick?)

    Great stuff, my friend.

  4. Yes, definitely much sweeter than the Komodo dragon, Rick.

    Can you imagine how much litter a box that size would require?

    And what about the hairballs?


  5. They are two very pretty girls, aren't they, Stace? Their male counterparts are equally as glorious.

    Thanks for taking the time to check out the post.


  6. What a lovely photographic diary of a day in the life on a big kitty cat! You really captured some great shots, Misha!

  7. I have several more, all of goofy faces following the yawns. It was a big yawn day for both of them. Dozing in the rain will do that, I suppose. It was so sweet to be the only one back there for so long, I may just have to visit during inclement weather more often.

    Thanks for sharing these with me, Heidi.

  8. Tree huggers. Ha ha! Creative and clever!

  9. Gentleness of the "hugs" not withstanding. :)

    Thanks, Leslie.