Sunday, March 6, 2011

day 55 ~ a very peasant surprise


When it appeared that I was one of only a very few folks braving the rain during my Friday trip to the zoo, imagine my surprise when I went to the cafe for a bite to eat, only to discover that it was packed with high school students. There wasn't a single seat available. Instead, I walked out of the building and around the side and discovered this: 

Nice tree, huh? At the time, I didn't see this particular natural design because I was too enamored with the big picture:

me + camera + peacock = ecstatic joy!

At this point, a group of young boys also discovered this beauty. I moved out of their way and went to the restroom to wash my hands, in hopes that the cafe would clear out soon.

My plan was to take more photos when I came out, but instead I saw that a boy was standing up on the restaurant deck and that the peacock was no longer there. 

Perhaps this vainglorious peasant wanted to be sure that its photos landed its own feature in the tree blog, or maybe it was just escaping the boys and Grace was smiling upon me? Whatever the reason, I was delighted to find that this fancypants fowl had flown to a lovely new location, complete with trees:

Hope your Sunday is a beautiful one.

images ~ misha


  1. Just gorgeous. Images 1,5,7 are stunning, and the lead-off pic SHOULD be a tree... imagine a whole forest of peacock tree designs. Wow. The grey sky really adds a special ambiance, as well.

  2. Ah yes, I am imagining that forest, but instead of frolicking in such a creation today, I'm going to go OUI! :)

    Thanks, Rick & Heather ~<3~

  3. I'm still smiling over it, Heidi.

    It was especially considerate of the bird to center itself atop the crossbeam, don't you think?

  4. Wow! I would have been happy with the first picture! Incredible captures, Misha! This was the icing on my nice Sunday! xo

  5. This experience rivals the day I walked around the corner at the zoo and found the peacocks in the very colorful flower garden, with one of them courting a peahen, strutting his stuff. I was beside myself.

    Thanks, Amy & Angie. The icing on the delight is in the sharing.

  6. One word .......Synchronicity ♥ It's all I could think when I scrolled down and saw the first image :) I love days like this!

  7. Me too, Paige! I could use a little bit of this kind of sweet magic right about now. The past week has worn me out.