Wednesday, March 16, 2011

day 65 ~ 10,000 prayers

In the midst of taking care of my daughter and trying to catch up with my life, my heart cannot help but take wing to Japan.

My prayers are for the Japanese people and all their worldly brothers and sisters to find strength, bottomless compassion, faith and peace of mind. A tall order, which paradoxically begins within each of us to give our hearts and thoughts over to embody within what we hope to see without.

Still, I have a tendency to feel a bit guilty if I am feeling lighthearted in the face of such tragedy, even though what rings truest for me is that this is where the solution lives and to give over to the temptation of despair solves nothing in the end.

This is why whenever I make wishes I wish for peace on earth. Peace on earth is only possible with individual peace and if everyone is peaceful within their own hearts, it must mean that all of their very basic needs are being met and that their hearts have been lightened. What more could we possibly need?

The symbol used in today's tree means 'peace'. The quote is from Sadako Sasaki, a young Japanese girl who on the threshold of adolescence in 1955 developed leukemia from the effects of radiation caused by the bombing of Hiroshima. She died later that same year, at the age of 12.

When I selected this quote I didn't realize that this was the same Sadako from the book Sadako And The Thousand Paper Cranes. This is the same book which inspired Sandy and her paper crane project, the one I joined in on by releasing my crane at Krohn Conservatory earlier this year.

~ * ~

"This is our cry, this is our prayer: peace in the world."
~ Sadako Sasaki


  1. This is a great message... and picture! It is a tough time for Japan, with the tougher job of clean-up and rebuild to still face. I think any thoughts or messages of peace are worthwhile. Here in NZ we understand that alot due to our recent quake disaster, but it reminds the community to rally together, and the whole world is rallying behind Japan right now (which has to be a step towards that peace on earth).

  2. Thanks, ZD and welcome.

    With all I've had going on during the past week, I'm a bit behind on catching up on comments but am going to start here and cross my fingers for tomorrow that I will be able to make a dent in catching up even more.

    Yes, the whole world rallying is more than a little heartening. What a lovely perspective to hear from someone from New Zealand, given your own (unfortunately similar) recent experiences. Thank you so much.

    So often, I feel impotent in affecting any real change where it is needed most, but eventually I come back to remembering the energy and creative power in we are all infinitely connected and how, not only can we truly make a difference, but that it is our responsibility to do bring more light to the side of Light and to not get sucked into the despair of the darkness.

    peace ~:)

  3. So very appropriate and beautiful. Keep on shining -- we are all so very, very interconnected. There is a well in Christiansburg, VA that illustrates this concept perfectly. It's monitored by the US Geological Survey because every time there is an earthquake or any kind of seismic activity, the water level fluctuates like crazy.

    In the days leading up to the quake, the water level was already showing signs that something was up. It is, for me, proof positive that everything effects everything else in real and tangible ways. So thank you for putting out messages and all helps.

  4. Thank YOU, Heidi. That's really amazing that a well that far away was showing signs of an impending something!

    I read a fantastic post over on Every Day is Awesome this morning. It is a letter from a woman living in Japan. I highly recommend checking it out. It illustrates what ZD was just talking about in regards to community and helped my heart feel lighter. Here it is:

  5. Yes, the peace cranes. need I explain how much I like your message here ♥

  6. Paige, no need to explain.