Monday, March 28, 2011

day 77 ~ a little bit twisted

"Does koala bear poop smell like cough drops?"
~ Tom Robbins, "Jitterbug Perfume"


Remember the new little wire-baby from the post "growing pains"? Well, here she is all grown up:

And now, I am off to work my way through a mountain of paperwork. Odds are, my time here this week will be mostly limited to fulfilling my commitment to these trees. I'll look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Happy Monday ~:)

twisted little tree ~ misha


  1. Love this!
    I make flowers and jewelry out of beads and a tree (wayyyy smaller than yours) is on my to-do list. Maybe I'll get cracking on mine.
    Awesome work!

  2. Beautiful ! This one is sleek and self-standing, with lots of intricate weaving and gem-laden limbs. I love it. I see little wire birds landing on it, setting up little wire nests... oh MY! What am I saying? Am I trying to detour you even deeper into this delightful creative outlet?

    Maybe... but you'd better tackle that paper mountain, yes. :) (though, I really do see an entire impossibly cute and magical wire tree forest, with maybe a village within...)


  3. Good morning, everyone. Thanks for the sweet comments.

    Ange, I'm looking forward to seeing that tree.

    Rick, what a vision! I've been thinking about nests, but the village within made me laugh, given all that I have going on right now. Have you seen my magic wand?

    Hope Tuesday is kind to you all.