Sunday, April 3, 2011

day 83 ~ while being


the most vibrant colors are
not colors at all
the most enticing textures tease
with a caressing depth untouchable
the freshest breath breathes beyond and
through mere form; we see nothing
while being everything

words n' image ~ misha


  1. The words are wonderful, and this magical little tree fits right into the forest setting, immediately infinite and a part of the grand design. Beauty!!

  2. Thank you, my wonder-loving friend. I look forward to seeing the shots you take of your tree around town. Which reminds me of that photo project we were talking about that the weather is cooperating more, maybe we can choose a day soon?

    Hope your Sunday has been sweet to you, Rick ~:)

  3. What a wonderful tree! I can't decide whether it looks like it's in bloom, or if it's bearing sweet treats for a fairyland.

  4. Jess, that's it!

    It's blooming sweet treats for a fairyland.