Monday, April 4, 2011

day 84 ~ P.S.A.




the stuffy head, achy, wishes she could rest blogger


  1. Reforestation is an imperative all around the planet, and I'm happy to report that it is being aggressively enacted in places like Vancouver Island where logging posed a serious self-implosion threat. I love this post! I hope you feel better soon, too. Big get-well hug.

  2. Hi Misha....thanks for the follow at maggie's's always fun when someone unexpected drops by...and then to find your wonderful blog...another unexpected pleasure.

  3. This always makes me sad. It's like people just don't realize how important trees are.

  4. it is sad, but I'm glad you were able to capture this moment. It adds another facet to the lives of tress.

  5. This is the worst picture you've posted...and the most telling. It's harsh to go from the juxtaposition of your beautiful jeweled creations to the realities of what we do with trees in our daily lives.

    Feel better -- and thanks for all that you share here.

  6. Rick, yes it is. I'm happy to receive your report, and the get-well hug. I think it's working. :)

  7. Welcome, Maggie.

    As I was resting yesterday, I spent some time looking around for some new blogs to read with my morning coffee. Happy to have found yours.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how your garden grows. (Literally :)

  8. Angie & Amy, me too.

    Amy & Heidi, despite how sad it is, I'm happy that I was where I was, when I was and had the presence of mind to recognize the moment and grab my phone in time.

    The first link (the 'and think') leads to an interesting site which points out how the issue of deforestation has taken a back seat to concerns over global warming, (in the general public's eye) and points out how the two issues are connected. (of course, they're connected!)

    Just think how transformed the world would be if every time we worried about an issue, we took one small step to do something about it.

    Anyone out there planted a tree today?

    Thanks all ~:)

  9. I think I have mentioned the fact that in my parents house, we had seven fruit trees, fifty two varieties fo Roses and fortyseven varieties of Crotons. Palm trees and seasonal plants were hard to keep a track of.