Wednesday, June 8, 2011

day 149 ~ ash dancers


Kali’s Chorus Line

bursting contractions blaze blinding blues
with a bent towards a brazen beat breathing
sizzle and snap!
this ash was made for dancing

apocalyptic albatross upon the altar is
encircled by silken sacrificial footprints
awaiting the wind

shattered glass stains
like lovely litter spewing one spilled
spell upon the sanctuary floor
precariously a’sparkle now

cutting dichotomies chuckle their cries
between the echoing
center of the alpha omega oreo skies

angelic siren’s open curtain call
curiously combustible combination
solely for the sake of the

ash dancers 

Kali's Chorus Line was written a couple of years ago, but has been dancing in my mind lately as I think about a dear friend of mine who is bravely facing the unexpected loss of a loved one. It's one thing to know that when your heart breaks it becomes more open than ever before, and it's entirely another to navigate the shards. 

The tree came into being this morning. While it doesn't entirely mesh with the images evoked in my mind when I read the poem, I suspect that there is more to this ash tree than I've yet to realize. Layers.

Wishing you all peace and the courage to dance ~

image n' words ~ misha 

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