Sunday, June 12, 2011

day 153 ~ smitten


with kittens!

a barkless tree and a wee tale...

For our children's summer birthdays, we decided to finally get our two long awaited kittens. After looking around for several days, we decided to bring home two sweet sisters based on some photos and emails exchanged. We decided to name the white one Alice and the black one Abracadabra, and call her Abby.

It wasn't until we got them home that I thought I ought to verify that they are both females. Lo and behold, Alice is most definitely not a girl kitten!

Predictably enough, they are now being called Yin and Yang.

We are all deep in kitten love.


  1. All together now.........


    (I have a black cat too!)

  2. Congratulations! We all need some yin and yang in our lives.

  3. Double the pleasure, double the fun! It's amazing how quick those little feet can run and I'm all AW over that little stand on the hind legs with your arms in the air thing that they do.

    We built them a Lego Duplo playhouse yesterday. Fun times :)

  4. and Ange ~ my last black kitty, Cinder, was with me for 19 1/2 years. Yin is bringing back some sweet memories. <3

  5. I LOVE KITTENS!!! You have no idea how happy this post made me <3

  6. Me too, Heather. My husband was laughing over not realizing just how much I love kittens. It has been so very many years since I've had one, and now I have the added bonus of sharing them with my children!

    What could be better?

    Oh, and I'm glad you enjoyed this because I'm pretty sure that you will be seeing quite a bit of this dynamic duo. :)