Monday, September 5, 2011

day 238 ~ frozen in time


"Why are we here? 
Well, we're peaking up the skirt of the ineffable now,
and the answer is hidden 
by the poetic panties of language."

"frozen in time" pendant photograph ~ Rick Tyrrell
art glass pendant ~ Oui


  1. Gotta love that quote, and this piece turned out beyond my wildest expectations, Misha. It actually looks like a frozen/fossilized leaf is inside that glass! Thank you for the smile-making post today.

  2. Yeah, great quote! I've been looking forward to using it but hadn't had the right fit until today.

    Try not to get too excited about how the pendant turned out. It looks lovely, yes, but the wonderful depiction of the ice you so wonderfully captured is coming to life under the flash of my phone's camera. The pendant only has such detail if viewed under very bright light. Still very sweet, though, as you will soon see when your package arrives.

    xo8 ~