Friday, October 28, 2011

day 291 ~ real i zing

flocking to abstraction

appreciating the blind contours
made possible by the shadows

and the light

(real i zing)
(real eyes ing)

all is 
simple lessons in

perhaps, it is not a choice of flight or fight
but rather one of Flight or flight?

Flight: a freedom found by rising above while maintaining an appreciation of the view.

flight: to flee, usually precipitated by fear.

(a wee suggestion: after you soak up her soaring, static winged beauty, 
go back to enjoy the post with the remaining musical accompaniment)

leggo my ego ~ misha


  1. A tour de force post. The line drawing is great, as are the valuable distinctions between Flight and flight.

  2. It was a fun one to put together, Rick. I have been wanting to pick up my pencil again for some blind contour drawings and finally got around to doing so. I think I'm going to do some of these with the children, both as models and as participants in the drawing.

    Glad you enjoyed this ~:)