Thursday, November 24, 2011

day 318 ~ view finding


Remember these?

If I was really on top of things, I would make a stuffing, mashed potato and pumpkin pie tree to go with them. Instead, a view found me and set me to thinking about gratitude, about perspective, about how we perceive or frame the moments of our lives and how they frame us.

I spied a really wonderful leaf skewered on a chain link fence. I loved the mosaic decay, the fence, the light...and snagged a shot with my sub-par camera phone.

After looking closer at the photo and digitally tossing in some dressing, I had to go back with my real camera. When I got there, I found this leaf wind-woven into the same fence.

I began thinking about how sometimes views find us, particularly when we pause long enough to notice. So many perspectives to explore and appreciate...

so much beauty... the most unexpected places.

May all our days be thanks givings.
(and may there always be plenty of pie!)




  1. Nice sight and photographic results. I am loving that monochrome shot for the finale, and the first one really pops. As much as we extract and manipulate the raw materials of this planet, they are still of this planet and when I see images like this, the division is reduced and all seems one natural cycle. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Misha!

  2. Thanks, Rick. It was a sweet moment. It has been awhile since I just "had" to go get my camera. Would be good for my soul to go out for some Mama-time with camera in hand. Maybe I will squeeze some of that in soon?

    I'm partial to that second shot and the finale. I avoided doing anything to the shots in the middle (between the first and the last) and may have to revisit that second one because I love the composition so much. Just part of the natural cycle, perhaps?

    Thanks, too, for the Thanksgiving wishes and for the wonderfully surprising post today! We had a good time with family and so many tasty treats. I have a lot of thanks to give...

    here, have some ~:)