Sunday, March 20, 2011

day 69 ~ empress of oranges

image ~ misha   


  1. Beautiful butterfly!

  2. She's a paper kite, one of my favorites.

    Happy Sunday, Angie.

  3. Thanks again for leaving a message that helps me pull through.
    This guy on You tube seems to belong to that place where there is love for humanity.
    Very touching, the butterfly and the youtube guy.

  4. Gorgeous, where was this taken?

  5. And when was this taken? I love butterflies. We have watched many go through their metamorphosis and it's always amazing. We were able to release eight monarchs a few summers ago -- it was incredible each time. Never got old.

  6. An amasing photo! Such great detail! unfortunately my daughter has a slight phobia of all butterflies. Something to do with the creepy hairy face close up.

  7. Wow! That is an amazing shot! Where was this orange tree?

  8. Thank you, Munir.

    That guy on youtube is none other than the phenomenal poet, Rives. He is truly an inspiration, as are you and your courage.

    Any moment I can aid in shining a speck of light for you is a moment well lived.

  9. Jess, I'm sorry for the delay in responding. Sometimes, Life just grabs me and says it has other plans.

    This was taken at Krohn Conservatory during one of their annual butterfly shows. (I'm being lazy and am not going to check the file for the year...sometime within the past 3 years, does that help?)

    This was one of those posts where I cut myself some slack on the definition of "daily creation". Sometimes, I have to decide that simply creating the post and the vibe counts, which in the long run gives me space I need when I'm taken by an idea (the Mad Hatter post, for instance) and can't do anything but.

    So yeah, not taken on the day it was posted, but definitely marveled in and thought over, which in this crazy Life, is good enough for me.

    Speaking of craziness, I'm trying to plow through tons of paperwork and other exciting stuff so that when this year's butterfly show rolls around (soon, SOON!), I'll be able to take a few breaks from office work and go play.

    yay :)

    Thanks for being here, Jess.

  10. Ah, Heidi. It never grows old, does it?

    We bring them into school each year, usually individually, and watch the process. My husband and I were married on a beach in Maui, where during the ceremony, we released Monarchs.

    Ah, again ~:)

  11. ZD, after taking hundreds of butterfly macros and sharing them with my children, my son had to overcome the same fear. A couple of years back, I used a large group of photos to create a blog series entitled, "Beautiful Freaks", because that's what they look like up close. Aliens.

    Since Myspace (where I had my blog) blew itself up, I've relocated a couple of my favorite blogs over to blogger. One them is a butterfly post (not of the Beautiful Freaks series, but one following), and you may enjoy it, though, your daughter may not...

    The piece is set to music, gorgeous Santana music.

    Enjoy, and thank you for being here.

  12. Glad you enjoyed it, Wendy.

    See reply to Jess ~ :D

  13. A beautiful compositional photo, and these are such amazing looking specimens, these paper kites.

  14. One of my favorites, definitely. They even have markings around their mouth which looks a lot like a smile.

    I've had butterflies on the brain lately and am looking forward to this year's show.

    Maybe some year we can visit one together?

  15. Maybe I'll have an awesome little macro lens that can be swapped, too! :D